Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Evolving Beat

I ended up using the program Breakage for this project, which is basically just a simple beat-making machine. What I like about it is that the beat can evolve at will by choosing where and when you want the base, snare, or high hat to play. With this program you can go from a techno beat to a more hip-hop beat, with a matter of half a dozen clicks in the right places. The beat was kind of boring at 8 minutes long, but when I compressed it to 6 minutes, it ended up a lot more interesting, because then it became harder to pick out a rhythm. I made it more interesting by taking a woman's singing voice and slowed it down enough to make it sound like a didjeridoo, and just laying that over the beat i made. Kudos to anyone who can guess what the hidden song is. Here is The Evolving Beat:

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